Four Things to Consider Before Hiring a Vackyard Wedding Photographer

When planning a backyard wedding, one of the most important details to consider is the hiring of a backyard wedding photographer Toronto, the person responsible for capturing the special moments from the most memorable day of your life. To make this choice, there are four factors to consider above all others.

Location, Location, Location

No venue, no photographer. If you have not yet chosen the yard for your wedding, save the photographer hunting for after this decision. For an outdoor wedding you want someone with more experience shooting outside in natural lighting, but depending on the time of day you may want someone who knows how to shoot in a dimmer, more shadowy environment with warmer lighting. While most professional photographers should have experience shooting in a wide array of lighting scenarios, you want to choose someone based on their best work, their speciality, if you will.

Know Your Budget

The last thing you and you partner want to do is get attached to the idea of a certain backyard wedding photographer only to lose them to budgetary constraints. Before you begin your search, have the exact amount that you are willing to spend on this aspect of your wedding fleshed out. Don’t even look at the work of photographers out of your price range. Doing this will create high expectations and set you up to be disappointed by the work of photographers you can afford. However, this is not a budget item to skimp on- remember, these photos will last a lifetime.

Ask For References

While you will have their portfolio to see a glimpse of their work, you also want to speak with previous clients to learn more about how the photographer operated at their wedding. Were they easy to work with? Did they shoot candids well, or were they better at the official wedding portrait photos? How long did it take them to edit and send the photos to you? Do you feel that they were worth x amount of dollars? And so on. Reviews from reliable references are the most foolproof way to know what you’re paying for when it comes to backyard wedding photography.

And Finally…Know Yourself

Similarly to knowing your venue, you have to know what style of photography you enjoy. Even if you are no Toronto backyard wedding photography expert, its time to become one before your wedding. Grainy and vintage? Sharp and saturated? Washed-out tones? Warm or cool? It’s important to curate an idea of what is aesthetically pleasing to you in order to narrow down your choices and ultimately be happy with the results.

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