5 Top Factors To Consider For Your Wedding Transportation

Regardless of the wedding budget, a significant part of it will be determined by the wedding photographer and the Wedding Car Service that the couple settles for. There are several factors you should look into when creating a car hire budget. Click here for a professional wedding photographer.

Tips on getting the best car hire service for your wedding

1. Create A List Of Everyone Who Will Need Transportation On The D-Day

This list should include where everyone should be seated and the vehicle they will ride in. Creating categories will make planning much more manageable. For instance, a car for the bride and groom, the couple’s immediate family, the bridal party would be more economical if you can find a car that can fit the whole team. Other categories may include:

The relatives- if you and your partner decide to offer transportation for the relatives, make sure you do a proper headcount and ensure everyone on the list has been assigned a mode of transportation.

Guests are not a compulsory category, but certain factors, such as the wedding venue, parking problems, where the guests are from, or various wedding locations. If your Toronto wedding photographer is from out of town, it would be better to offer transportation than pay for it.

2. The Wedding Venue

The farther your chosen location is, the more likely the charges are going to rake up. This applies if the location is hard to reach and secluded. Prepare to spend a little extra under these circumstances.

3. Selecting The Vehicle

This will greatly depend on the couple’s budget. It will help you choose the kind of vehicle once you are aware of how many people you are catering for transport wise. For your guests, you can settle for a shuttle, limo bus, or a bus depending on the total number. For the bridal team and relatives, you can either go for an SUV, limo, or a stretch hummer if the number goes over twelve.

4. Check Out Different Companies

Shop around for a company that offers wedding car service at a friendlier price. If the company has strong reviews and has a portfolio, you should be prepared to pay more. You can go for smaller companies or recent startups, but that cannot guarantee dependability.

5. Maximize on everything

To get the most of the wedding car service in terms of effectiveness and financial efficiency, you will have to ensure that every hired vehicle has no empty seat. Also, before you decorate the cars, kindly ask the company to elaborate on the do and don’ts for decoration to avoid unwanted and unexpected charges. Ensure all add-ons on the vehicles such as champagne or candy are added to the written contract.

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