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How to get back to exercise after breast surgery

You have now returned home with 6 to 8 weeks of healing to do. You have been told to reduce your lifting load to 5lbs or less. There is some swelling, stitches are feeling a bit itchy as the area heals and you are gaining a little bit more water and fat weight every day. Yet, life has not stopped completely. Chores and errands are still being taken care of, but they simply take a lot  longer than usual. Family and friends want to visit you even when you are not up to it. Your mind and body are getting loopy from the soreness and possible pain medication. How do you move past this vulnerable feeling and get back to a place of control and confidence?

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Fun Friday, April 25th Environmental Defence Talk on Toxic Chemicals

Fun Friday, April 25th | 1:30 to 3:30pm

Brianna Starkey with Environmental Defence will be presenting on toxic chemicals in everyday consumer products. Environmental Defence conducts primary and secondary research analyses and reports on toxic chemicals, and influences both the provincial government and large companies to ban/ phase out chemicals linked to cancers and hormone disruption.

The purpose of their campaign is to inform the public about the ingredients in the products they use in everyday life. There are currently over 80 000 chemicals on the market, and 98% of those chemicals are understudied. We are now finding relationships between the presence of certain chemicals in the environment to cancers, and developmental and reproductive disorders. Our workshops are done in partnership with Breast Cancer Action Montreal, and are being presented across Canada. We feel it is important to speak to consumers about these issues, and ensure people are more informed about the contents in the products they are using every day.

Location: BCANS Resource Centre, 967 Bedford Highway, Suite 205 (Above Lawtons Drugs).

All are welcome! RSVP by calling 465-2685 or email

Pink Spring Celebration – April 5, 2014 – The Halifax Club

A huge thank you to all who contributed, sponsored, volunteered and attended our Pink Spring Celebration! It truly takes a community working together to make a difference!

With much appreciation from the Pink Spring Committee!

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